It is always accustomed at big and small weddings that the bride and the groom choose some relatives or best friends to address a few words not only to them, but to welcome in the guests. Being the mother of the bride is an important task as it is an important responsibility. If your daughter has asked you to write a speech then you should definitely make some time to do that.

The most common mistake is that many times people assume that to speak in front of an audience is not a big deal. Well actually it is, if you are not accustomed to do that you’ll face some deep trouble even to get some words right. The worst scenario that could happen to an inexperienced speaker is to lose his/her calmness, not to be able to think, to freeze while he stands in the audience or to ramble about the same subject minutes and minutes.

A great scenario for a well-trained speaker is to be so confident in what he or she is saying that the crowd will be willing to hear him or her more than only a few minutes. To be in this category here are some great tips that you can apply to your writing and the way you deliver a speech.

Start early with the preparation of your speech

Don’t assume that writing a bride’s mother speech is an easy task – it is not and you’ll have to be very aware that the people who will be present at your daughter’s wedding have been to others and they have listened to numerous speakers. So everything that you’ll put in your speech should be original 100%, and not a copy. Many will notice your involvement in this speech and if you copy some well-known lines you’re up to a disappointment. People that already have the experience of ceremony speeches will know that you’ve copied and some might even know the source of your inspiration as well. Find Your Inspiration from these Examples

I think that you really want to make your daughter be proud of you as a parent, so when it comes to your children, you should have some words to add. The earlier you’ll start, the earlier you’ll see the fruit of what you’ve invested. With other words, you’ll be able to write a fully creative mother of the bride speech that has some deep meanings that are rooted in your life and in your heart.

Starting early will give you the upper advantage of finding out how the structure of a speech should be written and it will define you as a person. Each speech has in his structure something original belonging to the author such as a part of his personality, a trait of character. For example, people who are funny and like to joke about things will insert some funny lines in their speeches, lines that will delight many people from the guests, if not the whole audience.

Of course, in this case you’ll have to be aware that not all the lines are funny as it may be. An advice or consulting with someone you trust will be proper. Avoid those jokes that have a tendency of mockery or tend to bring embarrassment to the loved ones.

You can even find some sources of inspiration on the internet, books or from friends or family members with an early experience in delivering a speech. But whatever you do, even a fine joke, you can take it and adapt it – for example, in the case it’s a joke including the season of autumn, and the wedding is during summer, you can use that kind of humour as well (if appreciated). You can take every piece of information that will help you form an opinion on how to write and deliver a speech and adjust it according to the occasion and your traits of personality.

Keep it short and make a good impression

It is accustomed that the mother of the bride to speak first in this line of speeches, of course that every wedding event has its own organizers that are taking care of these details. As the mother of the bride you can always ask about this plan. The couple might already have their own opinions on how the ceremony’s schedule will go, how the order of the speakers might be and how many minutes should each and every one of them have for their speeches.

To avoid one of the common traps is to make sure that your speech won’t go for too long and induce a state of boredom among the guests. The perfect balance is that your speech should last no more than ten minutes. The first seconds will always make the difference since in those seconds people are getting used to see you and hear you, without any expectations. The plan is to speak from your heart without becoming much too emotional, this part could really ruin things, and to make them feel like they have something in common with what you are saying.

If the audience can relate to the reality that you are presenting not to mention if you’ve captured their attention, then that first second tension that is inside you will disappear and you’ll feel that nothing can stop you from what you have to say. Make sure that you speak in a normal and calm tone without making too much noise or acting weird because you are too nervous. Also allow some pause between sentences to rise up the effect of emotion.

Speaking too slowly will not get you to a point where you’ll be appreciated, as it might have felt that your speech have lasted an eternity until you were able to finish with the last phrases of what you were saying. Keeping it short, with the focus on your theme and with a time frame that is really suitable and will determine that you are a great speaker.

Obviously, to make a good impression you’ll have to be wearing a suitable outfit meant for this occasion. Your attitude towards the whole event should form an atmosphere of joy and well-being around you. This day when your daughter is getting married should be a happy day in which you share their joy and happiness as well.

Also you’ll have to be aware that your emotions (if they are not controlled) can set a barrier in what you are doing and what you are saying. To make them disappear or at least reduce them you’ll have to act like they are not there. For example, if you don’t have the courage to stand and talk acting like you have it will induce a state of confidence and facing it you’ll make it disappear.

Gesture and body language are other channels of communication that will transmit almost everything that is inside you. If you gesticulate too much while you are being on the stage it can denote that you are a person who is very expressive and who has to do something with his or her hands so she could express and be able to say what she has to say. Or the other case is that you are too nervous about the whole situation that you have to find a solution to get it all out from you and find a balance in between.

That is why many mothers, when they deliver a speech or before the act itself, have that tendency of playing with the ring, keeping some other objects in their hands and squeeze them and many other emotional traits. If you really have to do something with your hands while you are speaking try to keep a sheet of paper in your hands or just start playing with your feet. Whatever will induce a state of calmness is something you can use without being too obvious.


Practice is another of the key elements that worth those moments and hours of becoming good at what you are doing. You can start early just as you’ve finished editing your text. You can take a few hours from all the noise of planning and start reading out your speech loudly. Here you’ll get accustomed with you and you can take a stopwatch to see how long it will take for you to deliver it.

You’ll also need to get used to pausing between the lines, to have an appropriate tone that is filled with deep emotions of happiness and gratitude. The whole content of your speech will become a reality and you start to live what you’ve written about. This will get you closer to actually being able to be confident in your work and leave the entire feat behind and feel free to look the audience in the eyes and share a life story with them.

It will clearly define your perspective as a speaker and who knows, maybe next times when you’ll be asked to speak in front of an audience you’ll really enjoy it and it will please you a lot. Take into account that practice will open your eyes in certain aspects of the communicational skills that exist and that help you establish a connection to those you are addressing.

Taking your notes with you is not so wrong since you can refresh your memory about the speech. What really shouldn’t supposed to happen is having a connection only with a few members of your family, this involving that reaction when you are trying to find some one that will agree with you and your statements and on your entire performance just look at him. In this case many of the guests will feel excluded, not to mention that some will think that you have something against them. Get 25 Mother of the Bride Speech Examples

A great tip and a step ahead is to establish eye contact with the whole audience and of course with the newlyweds. Try to involve everyone through your lines, and through what you have prepared. Your actions will make the difference. The pattern is to stay focused all the time at the key points written in your notes and not to ramble about.

Your practice can be made at home in front of a mirror where the only spectator is you or try to call a few friends that you trust and ask them to come by or a few of the family members that support you. Their advices after finishing your performance in front of them will help you decide on your future actions. For example, they might encourage you to speak louder or to take your eyes from the paper and look more at them. Various advices can bring various solutions and a unique development of your professional and communicational skills.

In some circumstances they might ask you lose up your bossy attitude, not to be too stiff but rather calm and patient knowing that you are at a wedding event and not in a meeting. Or if you have a verbal tic, don’t use it so much but rather try to control it. Or if you stammer just make it short without too many details, stick to the essence and to your plan and finish as you’ve scheduled or early according to the audience’s mood. It’s never a problem if your speech is shorter than you thought of it initially.

The basic structure of your bride’s mother speech

Don’t make the speech too long and don’t make it a job application speech, where you present your daughters achievements in chronological order. People came to see the couple, so find a suitable story to go by. This doesn’t mean not to describe a few traits of your daughter, but it means as well to involve the one person she is getting married with. The groom plays an important part in her life as it will be in yours since there will be many family meetings.

The mother of the bride speech is a speech that describes a deep gratitude towards the happiness of your daughter for finding such a great guy, but also a proudness of how well she achieved important things in life. The wedding is a memorable event where memories are shared and where a new beginning steps in.

Your speech, as it is accustomed, should have an opening line – this is very important as well as the ending line, middle part and in the end a finish-up with a toast. The best way to go is to consult with the other speakers and see what they have written about, and to not repeat any of their ideas. This could happen, and in such a case just try to be as inventive as you can get, a best speaker has the advantage of being able to adapt in any circumstances even in those that aren’t in her favour.

If your husband is willing to propose a toast in behalf of the groom and bride, you can as well add a toast in behalf of great friendships, new beginnings, friends and families or whatever it delights you and goes well at this event.

After your opening line you can add some lines of thanks towards the guests that are present in this day. And start by entering in the middle part with a section addressed, if you want to your daughter, or to both of the newlyweds. You can choose to say things like he really changed her life and since he came, you’ve never ceased to see the happiness of your daughter. You can even add some remarks about how well they fit together.

As you know by now, not only the opposites attract, but also those who are alike and resemble by having common passions, hobbies, character and personality features even at some couples their looks is much alike. Complimenting them will make a stand for other’s lives that are present there and maybe without knowing you’ve had reminded them of the early years of their marriage and how they’ve met and how in many ways they resembled, or that common things brought them together.

You should not skip the groom’s family and after you’ve made him the welcoming in yours, address some words of appreciation towards his family as well. As a parent you know how it is to grow a child and then see him fly out of the nest, what a wedding involves and many others. You can give them a thanks related to their involvement in this event, that will show how you’ve noticed that they really love their son.

Your ending lines should consist in some best wishes that will assure the newlyweds with some wisdom gained over the years. Your experience might be well appreciated by others as well, not only by the newlyweds. You can find lines of wisdom that will describe a marriage or a new beginning on this path in quotes, poems or any other inspirational sources that you’ve had in mind. You can be authentic in many ways, the only difference is not to repeat what others have used too much.