Are you close enough to see your daughter married and you need a wedding speech? If any of these sounds like your situation, then you’ve found just the right article!

It’s not my purpose to promote anything else than some ideas and techniques that will help. When I say help I really mean it – these will become truly useful. In a way or another, it all depends on how you are going to approach the final solution: the speech as told on the wedding day.

Don’t ignore the simplicity behind the scenes

mother of the brideWe are sometimes foolish and try to assume things. One of the things we commonly assume to be right is having a behind the scenes part, which is more complicated than understanding Einstein. Well, that’s not the case with wedding speeches, because some simple bricks of speech construction build up to excellence.

You can easily turn your back on things and say it’s hard, unapproachable or complicated. What you truly want to ask yourself is: do you really want to find out how shockingly simple the whole process is? The following sections of the article are reflecting on that, giving you solutions that can be used. Download 25 Bride’s Mother Speech Templates

Traditions – follow or ignore?

Probably a dilemma right here. Should we abide traditions or not? Should we renew what our parents and ancestors did or do we need some new approaches? To clarify matters, there’s no clear side to this. What I mean to say is: you need traditions, but newness too. How can you ideally combine the two opposed elements? That’s something you need to find out by reading on.

Traditions, other than being considered boring by many people, have the purpose of establishing some basic rules. After all, from traditions you will see a good guideline and know what to expect when you’re about to present your mother of the bride speech.

New ideas should always – and I stress always – be there. If you’re not able to bring out something that’s not read / pre-checked / written in books then you can’t succeed. Don’t be scared about the amount of information or style diversity you have to bring on your own – it might just be a slight personalization or it can be something as simple as two sentences that came out from the bottom of your heart.

Rejoice with her!

Am I still talking about mother of the bride speech ideas? Well, yes! You need to be there for your daughter in these moments and be happy together with her. You might not agree with the choice she has made, but it’s not your man to marry. As long as she feels happy and fulfilled about it, you shouldn’t focus on ruining the moment.

Well, it’s also about these times you will find out more about what’s going on in her life. You can easily have some women’s time or mother-daughter conversations, and new things will come to light. Even if you think all of it would be useless for the speech, I can tell it’s going to be the most valuable piece – because it’s personal. If you had enough time, you might be lucky enough for this part to be just “your part”, the particular unique touch any mother of the bride speech needs.

Involve in the tiny details

Women like details. We all know it. So, what you can do is just get involved. Find out about organizing things: who did your daughter contact for the flowers? What will the cake look like? Details like these can make a wedding awesome or awful. It’s just about adjustment and choices.

The more you can be involved with these things, the better it is for your daughter. Obviously, this part is strongly connected with the speech success. Still, as a note of warning: don’t try to overrule her! If you have a feeling that she decided something and doesn’t want to listen to your other ideas, it’s all fine. Don’t worry about that!

By being there in the small parts, your daughter will trust you more than before. The trust you earn from her part is really valuable, because it will help your relationship in the future. A relationship for the mother of a married women also involves being happy and connected with the grandchildren. You can be the perfect grandma, especially if you work your way up to that standard.

Kick stress out – and never let it back in

Stress is something that can ruin your clear mind. It can also ruin your own marriage, your friendships, your job and probably even your life. Am I too extreme here? Well, as long as stress is excessively there, then I am (unfortunately) not exaggerating. If your stress levels are medium, you need to check the next paragraph to find out what you can do about it. You have no stress? Just jump to the next section of the article, you cool soon-to-be grandma!

So, you need to get rid of it. Therapy is not necessarily a solution here. I am not trying to say that therapists are not professional, but I am trying to let you know it’s something you can do for free. Just take a piece of paper and write down the reasons you believe to make you feel this way. Be honest: lying to yourself is one of the worst possible lies in life. When the list is complete, don’t try to justify your reactions and tell yourself how right you are. Most people can do that and that’s why they never get out of being over-stressed! Don’t repeat their too-common mistake. Make a difference for yourself. It might give you some hard hours, or even hard days. It’s going to be like a fight with yourself. Learn from Our EXAMPLES

If the self-solution doesn’t work, try to work it out with the friends you trust the most. If your friends would tell you that they understand your concerns and stress, then that’s of no help at all. On the other hand, if they are wiser and more supportive, then you might want to just hear them out and make a change.

In case none of the above worked for you, then you can try therapy. Therapy should help and it’s not a shame if you need it. It’s better to go to therapy and get rid of stress than save money with stressful days and nights in the record.

Research what other mothers have or had

You can always take some days or even weeks to research. Well, it depends on your free time. By researching some mother of the bride information, you don’t need to spend too many hours daily. You will only need 20 minutes, or maybe up to a couple of hours. There’s no rule about that and it’s always your personal choice.

The more you will read about other mother’s blogs and speech ideas, including all related things, you will have a better view on everything. You might also be able to figure out brand new ideas just thanks to what you read a few minutes ago. That’s the amazing part, when you get the light-bulb feeling of a bright idea crossing your mind.

You can take notes about everything you find. If you think something out of what you checked is really helpful and can be applied, then you should take special notes about those aspects. You should always be open-minded and receive any good idea even if you don’t comprehend the goodness in an hour.

During every research, you might possibly find some things you were not searching for right now, but you wanted to find them a few months or years ago. Such moments are priceless and you can enjoy these small “coincidences” of life – because it’s never coincidence, it happens for a reason! Think about something you didn’t find for five years, but found it now. You will value it as a piece of diamond.

Ideas for the mother of the bride speech text

You should make sure, every day that you are able to write down a few new ideas. It doesn’t matter if your ideas are not complete enough in the first days, it doesn’t make any difference if you feel like what you wrote is lame or poor. Don’t be the judge of your own speech, let the family and guests decide about that. Also, it doesn’t make any sense to worry about it. What counts is if you made the best you could.

When writing the ideas down, make sure you try to fit them into the structure of the speech. Regarding the structure, you know how simple it is. First you will need a very simple introduction. Then, the highlight of your speech is the bride, your daughter, and there you can express whatever you feel like you should. Don’t be shy about telling her how much you appreciate having such a wonderful daughter! After the part about the bride, you should be able to speak about the groom. It’s not a problem if it’s a shorter part, but make sure you mention the essence of how the groom is the perfect choice for your daughter.

Closing the mother of the bride speech should be done with caution. You shouldn’t just close it too quickly and you should make it too long either. Ideally, you will quote something nice or tell them a few nice words of wise decision of life or just about family, marriage and love. The final part, obviously, would be the toast proposal, which is quite easily paraphrased.

Finally …

What do you think? Did your experience resemble what I mentioned in this article? Were you in the process of writing your mother of the bride speech or helping a friend and then the information included above was of help?

I believe in listening other people’s opinion and constructive criticism, so you can share opinions, highlights, and facts in the comments. Waiting for your stories and comments!