Writing, presenting and being involved with a mother of the bride speech is not always the easiest routine to go through. When you are looking at your daughter, it occurs to you that sometime, when you were younger, this was exactly how you were looking – young, inspired, with your entire life in front of you. Then, you might have tens of questions, like: will she be safe? Will your son-in-law by able to take care of her and respect her? Will your grandchildren be okay? This list maybe continues for several more pages of printed text. FIND HERE MORE SPEECH EXAMPLES

I will never say that these questions aren’t real or important, but you will need certain limits and certain rules to be established. If you keep yourself looking at the thoughts running through your mind, you will have a really hard time with everything. These thoughts, once they are rooted in your mind, will keep coming back every time. In this article, you will see how you can gain control over the mother of the bride speech.

Control time in its fullness

What most people can’t seem to control easily is the free time they have. You either have a lot of stress, or some other things, but after all you seem to be overwhelmed with things that are way out of reach for you. This is why you need to know how time can really be controlled.

bride's mother speechesFirst, you need to understand how to take things and how not to freak out. You need to fully understand the way organizing works. For example, during certain periods of time that may last up to 2 or more weeks, you will have no free time (except a daily 10-15 minutes’ time) because you will be split between working – your job, your office, whatever it is – and helping your daughter. These are days you can’t change and whether you can face and accept this reality or not, it will come to you. During such times, you don’t need to panic and to wonder how you will ever be able to come up with the wedding speech.

Here is something you can do. You know those lazy minutes, when you do nothing or you pretend you are relaxing? Many times, your brain is not disconnected, meaning you will not even feel to be relaxed or better in any way. Now, those are the minutes you can use for writing parts of the mother of the bride speech. That’s right: even 3 minutes can help you to add a couple of sentences! This might make you feel like “okay, how can that help me progress”, but in reality, it helps a lot in progressing.

Controlling time is also done by multitasking. You know, women are great when it comes to handling multiple tasks at once. Windows or Mac – no, they aren’t the true masters of multitasking, but women are! So, leaving half-serious jokes aside, even while cooking or reading the newspaper you can think about certain lines, stories, speech jokes and other similar things you can use for the mother of the bride speech. Even if it may now sound silly or not appropriate, it will help you save a lot of time.

Then, before the wedding comes, you are certainly involved in things that aren’t mandatory. Maybe you have a favorite TV series or something else taking up 50 or more minutes per day. Even if you don’t want to give up on such things for good, you can give up until you are able to complete the speech text. It’s a helpful sacrifice, as you can now dedicate a lot more of your time for your daughter. Let’s face it: if you don’t do it for her, if you don’t find her to deserve such a treatment, who else does? In other words, you need to be there for her when she needs you the most.

Gain more confidence

Underestimating your own talent, qualifications, ability to write or present the speech are all wrong things, wrong mentalities. You need to stop thinking the old way and start viewing life in new ways, in broader perspectives. You see, the reality shows us that people who apparently were “good for nothing” accomplished a lot of things. What does this tell us? It tells us that everyone is good for something! Yes, this includes you and your ability and professionalism to write a perfect mother of the bride speech! What qualifies you for it? The simple fact that you are a mother already does.

So, as I was saying, you have what it takes. Now, you need to learn how to use it. Gaining confidence might seem a hard and rocky way to go for, but becomes silky smooth while running along. First of all you need some friends who are not afraid of speaking the truth. This time you don’t need any fake friends telling you “oh, Sarah, you were great” in situations when you are not. They simply need to be able to say things like “listen, the joke you said – it was too lame” or “Sarah, I guess you exaggerated with that one, don’t you think”? Truth saves situations when preparing, while hearing things to encourage the wrong speech will only make you weaker and able of delivering poor quality.

To gain even more confidence, you should bring in a small gathering of friends. They should truly act as if they were your guests at the wedding. This will help you in getting used with eyes, laughter, some people not paying attention and others trying to interrupt. It will also be more than great because you will start feeling less ashamed and more confident every time you stand in front of them and speak the words of the wedding speech you prepared. After all, when the day comes, you know that there will be people trying to make fun of you or people who simply don’t care about anything you say. You need a lot of confidence to resist these situations. Click HERE for MORE Speeches

Furthermore, self-confidence is helpful for your marriage and career. A strong woman will not control her man, yet she will be able to tell her point of view. Also, a woman with great character is a woman who is successful in her career. Think about it – what you do in social life can reflect in your speech positively and vice-versa.

Your look on the Big Day

You need a great look for the big day. First of all, it’s about honoring yourself and your husband. Secondly, it is for the newlyweds and all the guests who are going to come and attend the event. Of course, such things are of major importance. You can’t take things as they are at home, while you are alone. You need to understand the gravity of everything.

Now, you probably have a dress already or you have something in mind. However, you mustn’t forget that the dress must match your hairstyle, every accessory you are going to use, the shoes and your personality too. If you are a stay at home wife handling the daily stuff around the house, you can’t wear something that is meant for 20 year old girls going out on Friday night. Such things just don’t match. If you like reading a lot, you can’t wear something to give an impression of a superficial woman. In other words, the dress truly needs to represent you.

Then, hairstyle is another fancy topic. If you choose the wrong hairstyle, you might end up looking like a clown or like some bird from the jungle. Or, even worse, you can have a hairstyle to give an impression of a bird’s nest. Trust me: these probable situations are never suitable and it’s best to avoid them way before they could ever happen. Choose the hairstyle wisely. You can ask opinions and don’t be shy to ask your husband, your best friends, your family and as many people as you want. After consulting multiple opinions, it is still up to your personal decision. Still, by listening to 50 people speaking doesn’t mean you respect everything they said. You simply do this because you need to know how people understand your choice of hairstyles and maybe you will be able to see what works best for you.

Choosing accessories also requires wisdom. You can’t be overloaded with lots of accessories and you can’t go without them. Again, you can ask friends or you can even consult blogs, magazines and whatever it takes to make sure you know what accessories match with your dress and hair. Trust me: there are style connections you might have never thought about and they are all very important to know and useful.

Shoes are special too. If you don’t wear elegant and comfortable shoes, it’s never okay. Also, having elegant and comfortable shoes is not enough if you don’t make shore they match with the other elements. How can matches be done? You don’t need to hire a stylist – again, special blogs, magazines, and other places as such (online web-places) can help you a lot. Of course, in certain situations, you can even count on the help given by the sales assistant from the shoe store – that person can also advise on good matches and choices, or recommend other stores to meet your needs.

No long story telling

Of course, you need to know that you are preparing for a mother of the bride speech. Such wedding speeches aren’t meant for you to expose some long stories, they are meant for honoring your daughter and telling everyone how important she is for you. You also need to tell people that you support her in this decision and that the groom is accepted in your family. Even if you had these conversations within the family – it’s not enough. You need to expose such details publicly, because that’s the only way people can remain with the right impressions and appreciate your personal decisions and attitude.

Exposing long stories, such as enumerating your daughter’s schools, training programs, awards and whatever else (such as jobs, ex-boyfriends) is never good and is never needed. Avoid such things, always!