In the traditional, as in the modern world, the events of life make people rejoice. For example, a wedding is one of the moments which are of the most dreamt by girls, and boys get the change for a new beginning near the woman of their hearts. Sometimes love just happens overnight and in other situations it is a true process of getting together, hanging out and then in one day just happening.

Well of course then the big question just pops in: will you marry me? And the answer full of excitement is yes, I’ll marry you! This also leads to the next step, which is the announcement. As a parent, your reaction will be various but in many cases the happiness is inevitable. So here you are standing in front of the wedding of your own child, with lots to look after and plan not to mention shopping, searching for the right dress. You know all that rush for the big day. This is not all for a long period of time – people also thought to bring something more varied and they’ve implemented the wedding speech.

The bride’s mother speech is a part of the wedding reception where everyone gathers together for a toast and first for some well pointed words. These are words that are supposed to be said in behalf of the newlyweds. The most powerful and meaningful contents of speeches are built based on sincerity and things that make people relate with and occasionally find themselves in the emotional patterns that set foot in the heart of every mother who sees her daughter getting married. MORE Wedding Speech Examples HERE

But enough with this rambling – if you really want to shine in the day of your speech here are some key elements that will make you not only a good speaker but also a good writer!

Make time to write

With all the fuss about planning you might want to mix it with some quiet and relaxing hours in your favourite spot. Everyone has a favourite place to go to whether it’s a park, or the garden in the back of her house, it’s a place where your mind is clear of all the vents that rush through in a day. Life is kind of worthless without these moments of being yourself and being able to think.

The earlier you begin, the chances of success are getting higher and higher. Take a ride on the memory line and go back to those years that set the ground of your relationship with your daughter. Note all meaningful thoughts that seem important and by doing so you’ll have some deep emotional stories to go by.

As a mother, you were there next to her in everything that she had going on in her life, you’ve watched her grow under your sight and now up to this day she is a beautiful and talented young woman. You can add some things about how proud you are of what she has become, how everything turned out right even with the difficulties that she might have encountered in her path. Or you can describe in your mother of the bride speech her relationship with other people, this defining her traits and good character.

You’ll sort that out once you’ve figured out what you’ll speak about and what topic you’ll include in your speech. What is important is to make time to write, the earlier you’ll start you’ll have the opportunity for some rectifications if they are required.

If you don’t have so much time to be creative or no idea pops up, you can find some information sources that will lead you to an opinion about the concept of writing a bride’s mother wedding speech. You can find unlimited resources in the online and offline articles and books. Not to mention that you were blessed to have friends that already had weddings to go to and their speech experiences could really help you.

Still don’t copy everything and then just rush yourself to the scene, by starting you should be aware that for many of the guests that are present to the wedding reception this is not a first time. They had their share with speeches and they didn’t always have pleasant memories about it. So copying is not an option, since there are many speech patterns.

Nobody is saying that you shouldn’t take material for your speech but make it authentic and original. People like to hear your honest opinion about this event and about your daughter, and speaking from the heart is the best option to go by.

Of course those feelings can be an overwhelming part of this whole process, but we’ll speak a little later about how to lead the way and be the master of them and not the other way around. The stories of your speech should be short and funny, to define the content of your message without making the guests to lose themselves with too many unnecessary details.

One of the essential tips when you are writing your mother of the bride wedding speech is not to forget the groom and the rest of the guests, especially his parents. Even if you don’t have much to say about the groom you can add something lovely about the couple. After all he is the one who is marrying your daughter and half of the guests present are here for him as well.

The best option is to add some facts about them as a couple and address some words. For example you can say something that you are happy for both of them and since he came in the life of your daughter her heart haven’t ceased to beat. You can say that they are a perfect match and that they resemble in many ways.

Many couples get together by having things in common, even their physical resemblance can sometimes be very obvious, not to mention features that defines them in their character and in their personalities. This will also be a common field to relate to by the guests that came to see them and share this special and unique moment with them.

Their love bought together many people, as well as their decision to join their destinies together. Your mother of the bride speech should have that introductory part where you address some words of appreciation to all the guests and make them feel welcomed. You might even have some guests who have traveled a long distance to be at this event by thanking them they will feel that their effort won’t pass by so easily.

After the introduction and the middle part in which you are addressing some words to the groom and his bride you can involve the in-laws. Thanking for their involvement in this wedding will surely be high appreciated. A speech where you involve everyone is a speech of thinking to all things at once without excluding someone.

The end is usually built upon some words of knowledge, an advice, a lesson of life from your marriage experience and who knows maybe you’ll find what you were looking in the words of a quote, the verses of a song or even a short poem. Best wishes are always well received and some touch the hearts of many. Learn from 25 Mother of the Bride Speech Samples

Don’t forget in the end to propose a toast in behalf of the newlyweds, or if your husband had in mind this you can always propose another toast that refers to friends and families or for wonderful beginnings or whatever topic that you’ll find suitable to toast to.

Delivering the actual bride’s mother speech

There are many cases of people who cannot stand in front of an audience and perform. The feelings that affect them involve fear, shame, timidity and their mind goes blind. In those moments they realize that they cannot focus and they can’t remember by any mean what they ought to say.

To gain that trust when you can stand in front of a public and watch them in the eyes and the words will just come out with any difficulty will make you a brilliant speaker and that successful process is based on the gift of practice.

Practice will always make you stronger and more courageous, confident on yourself and on your speech, and not to forget that you’ll be very natural in everything that you are saying and doing. Your mother of the bride wedding speech will be revealed in a calm and relaxed manner, you’ll be a person who shines not only on the inside but on the outside as well.

You’ll speak in a convincing way, logically and coherently, you’ll find out that a good speech won’t stand in long affirmations but it will be short and fun. Of course, to gain this entire positive attitude and to be able to deliver your speech in that certain time frame that is required, you’ll need to practice it at home. Start early after you’ve finished your speech and make sure that you ask for a second opinion.

Advices will help you establish the line between awkward and real. You can ask a couple of friends to make time for you and invite them over where you can perform your speech or you can gather around the members of the family on the living room couch and ask them to be witnesses to your performance.

Their tips will lead you to define and set a clear example of what it is like to have a suitable position and an appropriate body language. A person under pressure will react differently than a person who has taken everything under a calm and relaxed attitude. If your approach has a positive attitude, you’ll know what to say and what to do even in unexpected situations.

Don’t try to minimize yourself and belittle your writing, because you’ll have much to gain if you start trusting yourself and you’ll develop some proper communicational skills. This will lead you to not ignore the audience and the newlyweds by looking too much in your notes while performing. It will teach you how stand when you are performing by not showing that you are too anxious.

People who are nervous usually tend to find something to do while they are performing, such as playing with a ring that is on any finger, blinking fast, speaking too fast, moving from one corner of the room to another and all other gestures that denote how you are not accustomed with the situation.

As a general rule, never let yourself out of the audience’s site. For example, don’t stand behind a piece of furniture or other object and then rudely talk from there. If you feel like you can’t face the audience from a scene, then you can speak and stay behind a table.

Practice will lead you to another level where you’ll get used to the idea of speaking and where you’ll develop the quality of holding a speech. The mother of the bride speech should always gain the audience’s attention, since it is about a parent-child relationship and a love relationship between two people who fell in love with each other.

Think that any occasion has its special moments of sharing and this is one of those, so don’t worry for not finding the suitable words – just be yourself in your own shoes and everything will turn out to be just fine. Avoid speaking for more than ten minutes, don’t ramble ideas by repeating them over and over but on another shape just say what you have to say. If you had forgotten your lines, then better end up quickly and don’t stare at people, as this will wrongly reveal that you have something against them – which is obviously not true. A speech should be something of habit and of will that is usually formed through practice.

You’ll also develop the right diction and you’ll know when to pause. This will lead you to the next step of finding a balance between emotions even in your writing, and afterwards in your performance. You don’t want to turn the whole event into a dull speech where everyone will listen to you from courtesy. You don’t have to fill the gaps of silence when people are living the intensity of your thoughts, just let them rejoice and find themselves and their lives in the written lines of your bride’s mother speech.

Show joy, the joy that is shared with your daughter and the groom as I’m sure that the public will do so to!