Wouldn’t every mother have an urge to write the best speech, a truly awe-inspiring mother of the bride speech? Wouldn’t you feel proud and happy if everyone clapped in the end, as a sign of respect for what you spoke? All of these can be achieved now, and it’s not too hard! You only need to follow a few simple tips …

Emotional and psychological training

You need to become a self-trainer at this initial point. You need to settle, to come down to a unique agreement between your mind, heart and entire body. The agreement is to make sure you are emotionally and psychologically ready for giving a wedding speech. This obviously means multiple things, such as:

  • You are not crying too much. People don’t like that.
  • You are not stiff, speaking like a robot. People need to see some expression of how you feel.
  • While it seems hard, you won’t give up training and doing everything you need to do daily. Don’t set anything aside, just combine things in a way to bring a perfect balance.
  • You know what you are doing. Nothing can prove it wrong.

In other words, you need to prepare your own emotions, and your own conscience to make sure that you are in full control of the speech presentation. If not, then emotions take over. When that happens, it all turns into a big mess, because nothing can be known or controlled anymore. Download 25 Mother of the Bride Speech Samples

What were the things that inspired you?

You need to make a bit of research and then ask yourself: what was I impressed about, what made me be like “wow”? If you want to have an awe-inspiring mother of the bride speech (of course you do), then you need to understand what inspired you, leaving a strong impact behind. By understanding what caused you to feel differently, you are a few steps closer to understanding what you should say to make others feel the way you felt!

Then once the picture is clear-enough for your mind, you can begin choosing some sources of inspiration in an attempt to provide something that will indeed inspire the wedding guests. It’s not a one-day or few days’ task, because it’s all to be done in several steps, proceeding towards the final results daily, step-by-step.

Also, when you want to inspire others, you already need to have your mentality set on inspiration and uplifting. This can be achieved if you truly live what you are saying, rather than being formal and saying great words with poor presence of heart. The guests will notice what your real feelings are, and in case the feelings you have are fake in a way or another – they will know it.

Be organized in your bride’s mother speech

Every speech can produce something special, something very unique only if it is organized. If you say the middle part of the speech, then continue with the introduction, it’s a proof that you didn’t organize anything. What I am talking about, for now, is the structural organizing of the speech. The structure must always be respected.

In the first part, you need to show an introduction. Whether you have it in 3 words or 2 sentences, generally short introductions are good to use. Some people tried to be smart, and they have used minutes-long introductions – what is your guess, did their speeches become awe-inspiring? No, not even in one case!

Then, for your mother of the bride speech, as you probably know, you need to speak about your daughter’s life. This is the part where you can simply lose control, simply because you have too much to say about her. Now remember, even if you truly have things to say for 10 minutes, or even half an hour, don’t attempt it. Wedding speeches are only meant to last for about five minutes, but it’s not like a seminar or conference, where you simply speak as long as you wish.

Also, after speaking about her, you can’t leave the groom aside either. You need to have the best possible relationship with the groom and his family too, because they are now all part of your family. If you build relationships, the future becomes better and easier, if the opposite happens, you will have conflicts and undesired things happening. After you have spoken about your son-in-law, you need to focus on ending the speech.

The final part is usually the words of wisdom and then, lastly, a toast. For the words of wisdom – truly, not everyone desires to say something like that. Some people rather quote poems, songs, books or movies. Again, there is sometimes a lot of stress around the toast. People wrongly assume that the toast proposal is something so elevate that only an elite few could handle it well. It’s wrong: you can handle it too! All you need is having an idea of your own, saying it shortly in a sentence or two, and then raising your glass to tell people that it’s the time to toast. Find Here Toast Examples

Furthermore, being organized also happens before the speech text is ever written. As the mother of the bride, you have a lot of responsibilities. Maybe your daughter asks you to go out shopping with her, maybe she only asks you to arrange an appointment and get her hair done. Regardless of the case, you need to be there for her, you need to make sure she gets the best of your help in everything. Helping your daughter might sometimes cost you hours or entire days, so you better make sure you organize your daily duties accordingly. I suggest a to-do list for every day or every week is very helpful. As long as you have your list, you always remember yourself that “yeah, I need to do this and that too”. Remembering what your tasks are keeps you organized, because then there’s no room for guessing or forgetting crucial details.

Honesty always rules

To be honest is a gain. You gain a positive reputation, you gain confidence, and the list can continue. Also, if you are honest, the mother of the bride speech is automatically to be considered successful. In the opposite situation, nobody can ever guarantee that your speech will be good or great. Honest speakers are also better heard, because they speak not to people’s minds, but rather to their hearts. If you can speak to someone’s heart, you access them and they will start listening to you.

Many people, by lack of ideas or inspiration tried to convince themselves about something unreal, thus they deceived themselves into faking a speech. While truly there were people who didn’t even notice, they were their family members and close friends who did. So what happened to these people next? Some people made fun of their lies, others started gossiping and in all cases, things got worse daily until a point – when the speaker realized that the worst mistake ever was to speak in a fake manner, rather than having two honest minutes. Yes, it is true – some people just can’t speak more than two minutes for a wedding speech. That is fine, even for a woman, if it’s your case of speech length too! You don’t need to fake things, just to get 4-5 minutes instead of two minutes. To further clarify this aspect, please refer to the below section of the article!

Timeliness – why and how?

Being on time is always great, especially if you think about your job. But what comes around when it comes to your mother of the groom speech? You will probably say to yourself “I will not be late, I will probably be one of the first people to arrive”. Well, being late is not the issue here, the issue is rather how long your speech is going to be? Also, what is the best method to determine the optimal length? You already know that speeches made too long or too short are never good. In consequence, you need to make sure your speech has the right duration.

First of all, you need to assure that your speech text came from your heart, honestly. Then, what you need to do after memorizing your speech text (because reading it from a notebook or a sheet of paper is not good), is to measure the time. You can do this with a simple watch, or even modern technology such as a smartphone app. Whatever the case is, make sure you speak as naturally as you would speak when the actual event is and keep an eye on the length. If your speech lasted between 2 and 6 minutes, I can assure you that it’s fine. Yes, sometimes six minutes can be a lot, but if it comes from an honest heart and is interesting enough then people will also have the patience to listen and they will appreciate it too!